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Amy Cole, Divi expert

Hi, I’m Amy Cole.

A Divi expert with a great eye for design.

I combine technical know-how and marketing skills…

to improve your company’s online presence and make you more money.

Every business has a story.  Let me tell yours.  We start with a business consultation to find out where the hiccups are in your business workflow.  If customers are getting hung up, we need to know where those bottlenecks are, so we can eliminate them.  The idea is to get more of the clients you love to work with.  Imagine a day filled with all of your favorite clients and none of your nightmare clients.

The websites I build are super fast.

While not every website will get a perfect score, Divi theme is a very fast, high-performance theme with dynamic loading built right in.  No more theme bloat!

This is because Divi theme developers over at Elegant Themes are all about making their theme the best in the world.  They’re constantly improving it to be ultra competitive.  

divi expert page speed 100%
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The websites I build create trust.

When people trust you, they buy from you.  It’s as simple as that.  Are you building trust with your clients?

People don’t want to buy from you until they feel like they can trust you.  Images work to accomplish this on the web.  When your website is built with trust in mind, you tell your story in a way that people feel like you understand their problem and can solve it for them.

How many clients are you losing each day?

Look, I’ve seen some pretty bad websites in my day.  Trust me, it’s no secret that people judge your company based on your website.  So, if your website is less than fantastic, you could be losing a lot of potential clients.


Luckily, we can turn that around together.


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Let’s get

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