There are hundreds of website hosting companies offering a variety of services to their clients. In fact, there are so many it can often be overwhelming. However, picking a web host is one of the most important steps in building and launching a successful website for your business.

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is what makes websites accessible on the Internet. Think of it this way: your website needs a home with an address that people can visit. Without a hosting service, your website is homeless. A web hosting service owns or shares website servers to house your website, making them searchable online.

Why is a good hosting company important?
Admit it – we all want to save money. Building a business isn’t cheap and finding places here and there to save money is always preferable. But skimping on website hosting isn’t the place to do it. You don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money but using cost alone as a determinate often results in lost time and in the end…money.

Here’s why you should invest in a good web hosting company:
In today’s digital world, people use the Internet more than any other resource to search for companies. If a hosting company does not properly host your website, there is a high probability that your website will suffer by being unavailable or disrupted. It’s important that a web hosting company has the capacity to host your site and the resources needed to ensure your site is protected in order to avoid unnecessary disruptions in service, which can lose you customers, revenue and trust.

Better Website Security
Unfortunately hacking into websites and stealing information has become a very profitable business for some. It is essential that your website is properly secured, particularly if your website has an e-commerce component or collects sensitive information. A good website hosting service will use a secure IP address, which is SSL enabled allowing for sensitive information to be protected. An SSL Certificate will automatically encrypt any information that passes through your website making it nearly impossible for a hacker to get their hands on it.

Website Backups
Imagine typing in your website address only to find out your website no longer exists or has been altered by hackers. Just like saving your files and backing them up on your computer is important, so too is saving and backing up your website. A good hosting service will do automatic backups on a regular basis (hourly or daily) to ensure that if something does happen to your website, you have a copy that can be restored, resulting in minimal downtime.

Technical Support
Good hosting companies provide good technical support. Let’s face it – we’ve all had technological breakdowns at some point and unless you’re an expert in the IT field, you’re going to need access to someone that knows how to fix any issues that may arise. Good technical support will help limit the downtime.

Search Engine Ranking and SEO
You may have noticed by now that downtime is a repeated theme. If your website is down often when search engines are trying to visit it, then your online ranking will be negatively affected. Additionally, slow load time can also affect your online ranking status. Good website hosting services have the server capacity to ensure that your website loads quickly and correctly.

Good and affordable website hosting is available, you just must do some homework. Website hosting companies offer multiple packages at a variety of prices. Depending on your website, some packages may work better than others. The key is to pick the right package and know that sometimes the cheapest isn’t always the best. Don’t fall victim to the old adage “you get what you pay for.”